The Art of Reaching Goals When Running a Small Business

In this online course you will learn to focus on things that truly have an impact on your company´s goals. You will also create a roadmap on how to achieve them, adjusted to yourself and your company´s needs.

After completing the course, you will have increased your ability to focus and become better at reaching goals.

This course is connected to SDG 4, 8.

Duration: Once you buy the course you will get access to one lecture per week, so about 10 weeks. You have access to the course for as long it is still available on the platform.

You can attend the online course as soon as you complete the purchase. 

Price:   249$*

*excl. VAT,

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Author: Frida Ängskulle

Frida Ängskulle is a Business Strategist who supports businesses to survive the challenges of tomorrow and people to live with a healthy work/life balance.

As CEO and founder of HEDFRI Management, a fast growing Education- and Coaching Company, she combines her natural talent for business structures and the art of reaching goals, with a genuine passion for a sustainable business life.

Frida spent over a decade finetuning her own model/method to teach others how to make strategies into actions and to reach their goals. She is on a mission to make sustainability a force of wellbeing for successful businesses, as well as for the business owners and entrepreneurs in their daily lives.

Frida lives as she learns, sharing the values of the Swedish Culture that embraces sustainability for both people, economy and nature:

“Trust in yourself and your business partners, share your knowledge and resources, include sustainability in your business strategies, take ownership of your goals and results.”


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