Refine Your Brand With the SDGs

If you believe that there is a potential in doing good business with deliver upon your promise also called brand, and that there is a potential in connecting that to the global language of sustainability also called the SDGs you should invest your time in this course. We will touch upon topics as history, change, from purpose to promise, what to avoid and together create the foundation for your sustainable brand transformation journey.

This course is connected to all 17 SDGs

Duration: This course consist of 10 pre-recorded lectures.
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UN has created a global language for sustainability with the 17 SDGs. This language can be perceived a bit complex when you dive into the details and to connect that to a brand that connects to emotions is a challenge. On this course we Will look at that challenge and the opportunities with doing this connection. Basically you will get an introduction on how to create a transformation journey where you connect the SDGs to your brand looked from perspectives like history, change, from purpose to transformative promise, traps and transformation tools. This is a start kit that enables you to use the SDGs in an emotional way and an opportunity to do this journey with likeminded change agents like myself.

Author: Svein Erik Sogn

I am a certified Change Leader within Business for SDG.  Personally I am a holistic, strategic and customer centric leader and entrepreneur with over 3 decades of experience as a management consultant and leader within branding, business development, project management, digitization and sustainability.

I dive into challenges with my heart, energy and curiosity with the result of creating engagement, drive and focus towards the goal. I love to share and connect creative people to find new transformative  sustainable solutions.

I am founding partner of Growthitude AS where we believes that brand is culture and culture is brand. Based on this belief we deliver a sustainable transformation that leaves a legacy.


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