The Art of Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

After finishing this course, you will have: 

  • a general understanding of Diversity and Inclusion and how it is related to the SDGs
  • a general understanding of how essential it is to work with Diversity and Inclusion, to be a future leader
  • practical tools for self-reflection to become more aware of personal biases and actively work to create a diverse and inclusive culture
  • have inspiration from reference cases from successful work with diversity and inclusion

This course is connected to SDG 4, 5, 8, 10

Duration: Once you buy the course you will get access to one lecture per week, so about 10 weeks. You have access to the course for as long it is still available on the platform.

You can attend the online course as soon as you complete the purchase. 

Price:   249$*

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Author: Annie Rüdén


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