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"Certified Impact Auditor"

As a certified auditor you will help companies improve in awareness and responsibility while working towards reaching the Agenda 2030.

The course includes an overview of the ISO26000 Standard.

After completing the course and earning your certificate you will have the skills to work as an auditor, or becoming a more knowledgeable person in your field!

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The role of an auditor is also being an ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This course touches upon all the 17 sustainable development goals since auditing is often made in different industries, sectors and branches all of the goals will be covered in the end.

Course price: 30 000 SEK excl. VAT

Course starts 2022/2023: 
Dec 15th
March 15th
June 15th
Sep 15th 

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What the course covers

The course Certified Impact Auditor covers the basics of what is needed to work as an auditor. Background to why we have audits, different types of audits and particularly the standards used. 

Extra focus will be put on the revised ISO26000 Standard where the Sustainable Development Goals are included. A Self Declaration is there for companies to go through their Sustainability work. As an auditor this will be a declaration to verify. 

The certification is a digital online train-the-auditor education that provides knowledge around ethical business and development. The content is curated and many international organizations, professors and companies are cited. A lot of work on how we have to go about to reach Agenda 2030 is already out there. Now we need to make it happen!

Part A consists of theory and Test                 

Part B consists of Pilot where you get to audit a company.    
Both parts need to be completed in order to be certified.


The course in short

Online Certification Course
The certification is a digital online and a train-the-auditor education that provides tangible and concrete knowledge.

You will get group coaching every second week together with your peers and Johanna Richardsson will be your course leader.

All content are downloadable and easy to use. We want to help you become a change maker, auditor and driver for Agenda 2030. 

You will be able to apply your knowledge and conduct an audit as your pilot case. If both parts of the course are completed you have the possibility to work as an auditor.

What You Will Learn

The course focuses on what is needed in terms of being an auditor. A background is given to why we have audits and what different kinds there are. A walk through the Sustainable Development Goals feels like a must. The 10 Principles in the UN Global Compact is like a backbone in Social corporate development and is also included to go with ISO2600.

The Swedish revised ISO26000 and associated self-declaration is here and we will look at what differs from the 2010 version and how it is now structured. 

The course is a train-the-auditor education that provides theory as well as a pilot audit that you do on a company of your choice with supervision from us.

This course will make you an ambassador for Agenda 2030. After you have earned your certification as an Impact Auditor, you will have the opportunity to join the network of VATIs of Sweden where you may start working as an auditor!


Read more about the "Benefits of working as a Certified Impact Auditor.pdf"

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What You Will Get

  • 30 recorded lectures and downloadable pdf's
  • Live group-coaching for 6 months
  • A network of likeminded people 
  • Train-the-auditor concept
    Possibility to match you with a company and implement your learnings simultaneously in your company

What You May Do With Your Certification

  • Use the Certified Impact Auditor and apply for audit assignments for VERIFY Agency of Sweden, an accredited Swedish company.
  • Drive internal audits within your company.
  • As a company customer you get an overview of the audit process to keep a dialogue with the auditor you have appointed.
  • As a business owner you can ensure a sustainable procurement in your value chain by keeping high standard requirements.
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The first start-up house in the world being verified for ISO26000 and the associated self-declaration 

Minc, The Startup House of Malmö, offers a number of programs and initiatives that help entrepreneurs scale their business. The offerings include Minc Incubator, the award-winning accelerator Fast Track Malmö and Startup Labs - a pre-incubator where anyone with a scalable business idea can work for free for up to six months. 

Minc was verified in September 2021 for their sustainability work.

Who you will learn from 

Eva Vati is a Business Strategist who helps executives, businesses, and entrepreneurs future-proof their companies. 

She is the CEO and founder of VATI of Sweden, which is the first company in the world giving certification on integrating Sustainable Development Goals into business strategy. She has a loyal community of over 25,000 people who are committed to creating a better world by running businesses that promote sustainability, equality, and diversity.   

Eva spent over a decade working alongside the United Nations, is an official Ambassador and Advocate for TeachSDGs, and serves as a business mentor for the United Nations Youth Investment Readiness Program, SDSN Youth. She is on a mission to spread the message of “Dare to Lead” on a global scale. 

People that have worked with Eva says; “Eva is a trusted source and move and inspire people with innovative ideas. She's excellent at explaining the Business Case for companies to work with responsible and sustainable business."

Eva lives in Sweden with her two boys, Tim & Sam, and enjoys sailing in the archipelago, hanging out in her garden-hammock and live life with family and friends. 

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