5 steps to FUTURE-PROOF your company & make it SUSTAINABLE!

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By taking this course, you will gain insight on:

  • HOW the Sustainable Development Goals can bring business opportunities to your Company.
  • WHY they matter to your business.
  • WHAT the Sustainable Development Goals are.

After completing this free online course you have acquired a solid and fundamental knowledge of WHAT you need to do to Future Proof your Company! 

As a result of that, there is an opportunity for you to become a more valuable person in your company or organisation.


Eva Vati is an Entrepreneur & Business Strategist who helps executives, businesses, and entrepreneurs future-proof their companies.

She is the CEO & founder of several companies of which VATI of Sweden, is one of the first consultancies in the world giving certification on integrating sustainability into business strategy. She has a loyal community of over 25,000 people who are committed to creating a better world by running businesses that promote sustainability, equality, and diversity.

Eva spent over a decade working alongside the United Nations, is an official Ambassador and Advocate for TeachSDGs, and has served as a business mentor and advisory board for several of the United Nations Agencies.