Business For SDGs Program

Become a leader in a field that will soon be common to businesses across all industries, anywhere in the world.

Business For SDGs Program is an online course providing you with a working knowledge of how to use the SDGs* as a tool to design your business strategy around and how to integrate the SDGs in your business.

Business is a vital partner in achieving the SDGs because business is the engine and the transformator in the world, driving economic growth.

Companies and communities that proactively make sustainability the core of their business strategy will be the winners of tomorrow's economy.

*SDG= Sustainable Development Goals


The course is focused on sustainability is integrated to ensure that companies can continue to operate on a planet with limited resources while providing benefits for both shareholders and society.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals become a part of business strategy and that sustainability aspects are embedded in the business model. Specifically, it is also about the responsibility for overall strategies, goals, activities and follow-up being defined and distributed among different functions or business areas.

The course covers following:

  • Sustainability challenges and business opportunities
  • The business case and leadership for action
  • Mastering the SDGs
  • Integrate and Implement sustainability strategies
  • Evaluation & Communication
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • License & Certification

How you will learn

This online course integrates interactive media such as videos and e-learning activities as well as downloadable and online instructional material, checklists and guidelines. You are given the opportunity to adopt your knowledge directly and focused by our "train-the-trainer-concept". There are also opportunities  for collaborative learning through discussion and online forums on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook). You´ll be given the opportunity to have a live webinar with the course convenor every second week and ask questions directly.

Each module is released weekly, allowing a flexible but structured approach to learning.

You’ll be supported online as you engage in individual activities and group discussions, ensuring you feel confident to submit your best work at each week.

Duration: 8 weeks online

Time: 5-8 hours/week, on self-paced learning, entirely online


Every course is broken down into manageable, weekly modules, designed to accelerate the learning process through diverse activities in which you:

  • Work through downloadable and online instructional material, checklists and actionlists 
  • Interact with peers and course convenor through weekly class-wide forums and group discussions.
  • Engage in every two weeks live sessions (on social media) with the course convenor to discuss any course-related questions.

At the end of the course you´ll be given the opportunity to earn a certification and a license to operate and implement Sustainability Management and the Sustainable Development Goals according to the generic program this course is about.

Who you will learn from


Eva Vati have worked in the Technical & IT Industry since 1999 in Executive positions at various successful companies in her home country Sweden. Her core competence are in Executive Management & Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, anchored in Technology, Corporate Governance, International Business Development & Finance.

Eva is the Founder and CEO of VATI of Sweden. She’s also professional Board Member for several listed companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, privately held companies and she’s President for 2022 Initiative.

Besides of her operational work, Eva is a Thought Leader and a Global speaker. She has deep knowledge and understanding of the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals and she´s working close with different United Nations organisations.

Eva has signed the pledge and has been selected as an official Ambassador and Advocate for the organisation TeachSDGs and is part of the movement to bring GlobalGoals to education! The organisation TeachSDGs are in allinace with the United Nations and organisations like TheWorldsLesson and have provided many opportunities to spread the TeachSDGs mission since their launch. Eva is fulfilling her mission by raising awareness in her community and country by writing, publishing and giving lectures about Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

She's actively advocating by writing and publishing articles & holding lectures for companies of WHY and HOW business should engage. 

People that have worked with Eva says; “Eva is a trusted source and move and inspire people with innovative ideas. She's excellent at explaining the Business Case for companies to work with responsible and sustainable business."

UN Global Goals certified companies

VATI of Sweden certify companies for integrating Sustainable Development Goals into business strategy, according to VATI of Sweden’s certification framework, SDGCertifiedBusiness TM 

Vati cert amended12

Our Story


We believe that the Agenda 2030 is a guide to the future and represents a great business opportunity for companies. The Sustainable Development Goals are a brilliant willed direction and serves as a tool for companies to design their strategy around. Those companies that make sustainability core to their business strategy will drive innovation and create enthusiasm and loyalty from employees, customers, suppliers, communities and Investors.

However, to do the transformation, we need to put the Sustainable Development Goals in the core of the business strategy!
Therefore, we are helping you, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to learn about the $ 12 trillion of business opportunities that lies within the Agenda 2030 and explaining HOW to use the Sustainable Development Goals as a tool to design your strategy around and integrate the goals in your business!

Our comittment

We believe the future is equal. We believe in the power of daring to lead. "Dare to lead" is our motto.

Our mission is to make a difference in people and businesses and influence to make the world a better place.

We are a for-benefit company with a primary purpose to deliver social and environmental benefit. 


Our value proposition

For-benefit Company
We are a for-benefit company with a primary purpose to deliver social and environmental benefit. 

Best value for money
Our business model gives access to the best in class supply of innovative and sustainable products and services, to competitive rates across the entire Swedish market.

Single point of contact
We hold a diverse Network of private- and public sector and non-profit organisations – which means that we can mobilize the whole Swedish technology & financial power independently of business affiliation, to deliver to large projects.

UN & Global Goals certified suppliers
We certify all manufacturers/suppliers and professional service partners for United Nations (Projects and services) according to VATI of Sweden’s certification framework, SDGCertifiedBusiness TM.

Less Administration, Risk minimization & High Control
We counteract corruption through our transparent for-benefit business model and provide an objective, fair and price competitive selection and matching of suppliers and professional service providers which ensures high quality, transparency and fairness.

Business Ethics - our highest priority

VATI of Sweden gives highest priority to business ethics. We strictly abide by our company’s Code of Conduct and Sustainable Supply & Procurement policies, which comply to the policies of our customers and their commitment to transparent and fair business ethics.

By incorporating the UN Global Compact principles and the Sustainable Development Goals into our core business strategy, we strive to not only uphold our basic responsibilities to people and the planet, but we also influence and involve our suppliers in the support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

All suppliers, partners and other stakeholders collaborating with VATI of Sweden are being introduced to our Business4SDGs Program TM. The aim is to both secure and improve our own and our suppliers level of social, economic and environmental compliance through continuous efforts. The Business4SDGs Program help us to ensure compliance with UN Global Compact and Agenda 2030 & SDGs.




Making the SDGs and Agenda 2030 linked to your core strategy is a choice, and a choice that have many implications. But it is a choice that is increasingly recognised as a necessary condition for the delivery of long term value, both to direct stakeholders and wider society.

It's good for business and good for the World!


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