Online Courses

SEK 30,000.00 (+ 25% moms)

Course description

The Program, DE&I Change LeaderTM online certificationcourse provides you with a working knowledge of how to transform a company into a gender diverse company and tools to design your strategy around gender diversity and inclusion.


After completing the course you have increased your market value by earning a certificate as proof of your expertise within Gender Diversity, Equality & Inclusion! 

After completing the course you will have knowledge and skills for:

·        how to adopt a practical approach to develop a unique action plan for your business and community,

·        how to effectively communicate gender diversity & inclusion strategies and goals to internal and external stakeholders, 

·        how to map your value chain to identify impact areas, 

·        how business can work with non-profit actors, companies, government, and universities to create systematic change in gender diversity and inclusion, 


And most importantly. You will know how to DO Good Business and become a Winner in tomorrow's economy!

SEK 30,000.00

Course description

The course focuses on what is needed in terms of being an auditor. A background is given to why we have audits and what different kinds there are. A walk through the Sustainable Development Goals feels like a must. 

The 10 Principles in the UN Global Compact is like a backbone in Social corporate development and is also included to go with other standards. 

The New ISO26000 is here and we will look at what differs from the 2010 version and how it is now structured. The course is a train-the-trainer education that provides theory as well as a pilot audit that you do on a company of your choice. 

The course is a "train-the-trainer" course, meaning that you are applying your newly acquired knowledge directly on a pilot company. And your learning will thereby increase by 90 %. The pilot case could be your company, a pilot company, or a project.